Coach Recruitment

Tag, you're it - you are the new team coach!

So, are you nervous about coaching?

Start with the SFYS Coaching Curriculum. This is the US Soccer Grassroots curriculum, with easy to follow session plans that puts your players into game situations so they can learn how to play the game.

As a coach, you learn to coach the game and understand the needs of your players. Advanced - and new! - coaches benefit from this structured curriculum with 66% of the practice being focused on the players playing the game in various formats.

All you need are some balls, some cones, and (if you want) a couple of pop up goals! 


SFYS Junior Coach Program

Are you under 18
and wanting to get started
as a coach?




Are you a coach looking for a team to coach?

Check out the listed teams, below, and contact the team representative to discuss the position available:

Coaches interested in coaching with SFYS in clinics and programs should email us!


Are you looking for a coach for your team?

Team representatives, if you would like to list your team, please complete the form.

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