Game Day (Players)

As parents and guardians, we want to do all we can for our players. But sometimes, it's better for them to help take care of themselves.

(Excerpted from the excellent Soccer Parenting article
"5 Steps to Make the New Sports Season a Success")

  • Even a young child should have some goals for the season such as making new friends, paying attention when they are in the game, learning the rules, or becoming more comfortable with a specific skill.
    • Note: The goals should be process driven not outcome oriented. (see below)
  • Taking responsibility for their sports equipment is an excellent opportunity for our children to develop some autonomy and discipline.
    • Develop a clear plan for where and when dirty gear will be left, who will wash it, where it will be returned after washing and stored so it’s easy to find, who will pack it into the bag for training or games, and who is going to clean up the grass or black artificial turf pellets that will invariably make their way into your car and home! 

Set Some Goals

Soccer Parenting: Goalsetting & Growth Mindset

Make an Equipment Plan

Soccer Parenting: Players should take responsibility for their sports equipment

PRE-MATCH Considerations
For Players:

  • Let your coach know your schedule

  • Make sure registration requirements incl. photo, document(s) and payment are taken care of.

  • Leave enough time to travel and/or park (there’s only a 5m grace period before match is forfeit)

  • Remove all jewelry

  • Shinguards under socks, shoes tied tight!

GAME DAY For Parents & Spectators

  • Confirm Player Eligibility: If registration requirements were not satisfied in time to be reflected on the printed Game Day Photo Roster, your player may not play. In that case, be a supporter for the day without complaint and get whatever sorted before next game.

  • No Dogs on the pitch 
    Most field complexes have designated areas for pets (outside the fence, or on the concrete, not the turf). So if you must bring your dog, follow the posted signs and especially make sure that your animal is not on the actual pitch at any time. 

  • Sit back 3 feet from the sideline

  • Speak positively or not at all

  • Do not engage with the referee

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