Junior Coaching

Calling high schoolers 15+ with an interest in ​Soccer Coaching and Training!

​​Introducing JUNIOR COACHES

Joining the program an opportunity to learn how to coach and learn how to lead a group of children of various ages.

You will learn all about the art of coaching, supported with an official USSF license to help set you up with excellent opportunities to stay involved in soccer, beyond being a player.

You will then be able to take this experience into coaching teams and clinics/camps beyond San Francisco Youth Soccer!

The SF Youth Soccer Junior Coach program will challenge you to engage and coach youth soccer players who are at mixed stages of skill development. All of the SFYS programs are 'for the good of the game' and you will become an ambassador for the program as you coach within it.

​The Junior Coaching program is creating the next generation of leaders and coaches to positively impact youth soccer in San Francisco.

Join us!

There is no cost to join.

Once you're trained, you'll volunteer within a current program. Upon completion of those hours and training, you will then be eligible for paid coaching!

There are various levels of commitment that the program offers, due to the nature of personal study/playing schedules. We encourage you to reach out to us and find out what is coming for you to start coaching soccer. ​

To get started, complete this form!

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