In San Francisco, teams are formed independently, through schools or neighborhoods, by soccer clubs, and community groups. SF Youth Soccer does not form teams or place players and coaches on rosters. Primary responsibility for finding (or creating!) a team rests with coaches, players, and their families. 

Want to form a team?
San Francisco and SFYS Leagues are among the few in the country where it is still possible to form your own team and coach your own player. These days, Federal, State and US Soccer regulations mean there are some hoops to jump through, but there are hundreds of parent volunteer coaches who will tell you that while it may be a pain, it's totally worth it! Click here for some FAQs and considerations.

Registration Overview

The Fall 2024 Season will take place Saturdays and Sundays from September 7th to November 24th (fields TBD by SF Rec & Park over the summer).

Fall Team Registration Summary
(scroll down for more details, deadlines and instructions)

Due Monday, May 20th at 5PM:

  • Submit an Intent to Play (click here)
  • Register your team, the minimum number of players, and at least one coach in SQWAD (opens Tuesday, May 7th at 8AM)

Due over the summer:

  • SF Rec & Park practice field draft
  • SFYS census for flight & schedule building

Due Thursday, August 1st:

  • Finalize online player registration and complete any outstanding coach & manager safety training and background check requirements (due June 15th if participating in an August tournament)
  • Declare team parent and team S.T.A.R. (if not already declared on the Intent to Play)

Why does registration start so early?
Click here for a timeline and considerations


Fall 2024 SFYS Leagues registration fees are paid per player at the time of registration in SQWAD.

Financial assistance for SFYS league fees is available. 
Click here for more information

  • Recreational and Varsity$110 per player
  • Competitive Upper House$160 per player

Spring 2025 Registration fees will also be paid per player, instead of per team. 

Players returning from the Fall 2024 season will pay $30 less to reflect that admin and insurance fees were already covered in Fall.

Players returning from Fall 2024:

  • Recreational and Varsity$80 per player
  • Competitive Upper House$130 per player

All other players:

  • Recreational and Varsity$110 per player
  • Competitive Upper House$160 per player

Due Monday, May 20th by 5pmTeam Registration

Click Here to Submit an Intent to Play
Just one submission per team (usually completed by a team manager, coach or club adminstrator), unless you need to make any updates or corrections.

Not quite sure if you'll be able to field a team yet? Go ahead and fill out the form so we can start a conversation and help out! There are no penalties for teams who submit an Intent, but end up withdrawing before the deadline.

Register your team, the minimum number of players and at least one coach in SQWAD
(opens Tuesday, May 7th at 8AM).

  • Click here for online registration instructions
  • Click here for roster minimum & maximums
  • Players: you need at the least the minimum number of players registered by the deadline to qualify for fields & scheduling. As long as you meet that requirement, you can continue adding players over the summer as needed.
  • Coaches: Add at least one to your roster in SQWAD before the team registration deadline. Remember: coaches can be parent volunteers, hired independently, or provided by a club–but everyone must complete the same safety training and background check requirements.
    • Click here for a checklist of coach & manager compliance requirements
    • Don't stress–the coach doesn't need to have completed the checklist by the deadline (but the sooner they can start, the better). We just want to know who coaches are early (especially those new to SFYS) so we can include them in communications with reminders, instructions and field training dates

Additional Deadlines and Team Requirements

Over the Summer: Primary Contacts, keep an eye out for emails from SFYS re: Flights, Scheduling, Preseason Info Meeting + SF Rec & Park re: practice field selection. 

  • FAQ: Can SFYS or Rec & Park accomodate schedule and location requests? No guarantees, but the more specific information you can provide, the better. Are most of your players coming from one school or neighborhood? Is there a Saturday with a school event that most of your team will need to attend? Ask your families those kinds of questions early and let us know, so we have the best chance of scheduling games you can actually attend, and you'll be prepared to complete the practice field draft.

Due Thursday, August 1st at 5PM:

Finalize Online Player / Coach Registration (due June 15th if playing in an August tournament)

SFYS needs time to review and validate documentation for any outstanding registration requirements. Teams can continue adding players and coaches after this date, but their registration will be processed in the order received and may not be eligible for opening weekend matches.

Online Registration Instructions

Coach & Manager Compliance Requirements

  • Players: accept the invitation from your team, pay the registration fee, upload a valid birth document and player photo
  • Coaches: get added to your team's roster, complete and provide documentation of any outstanding compliance requirements (OK if you're signed up for an August field training date)

Declare Adult Volunteers (if you didn't on the Intent to Play)

  • Team S.T.A.R: Each team must designate one adult to serve as a Specially Trained Assistant Referee and have one volunteer support the referee on the sideline at every game (doesn't have to be the person who took the training). This program was created in an effort to support our youth referees and increase general knowledge of the game while still allowing parents to enjoy watching their kids play! Click here for more information, including Team S.T.A.R. training dates.
  • Team Parent: must be a parent of a player on the team (it's ok if they're also a coach or manager). The Team Parent must be unique for every team (each parent may represent one team only). They receive all official communications that go to team contacts, and for independent teams and clubs with less than 10 teams in SFYS leagues, Team Parents also get to vote for our voluteer board at our Annual General Meeting (Jan/Feb 2025 date TBD–they can designate a proxy if they can't attend)

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