Registration Logistics & Procedures

All players, managers, and coaches must be registered and rostered in SQWAD to participate in SFYS leagues.

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Team Manager Resources

Roster Changes

At no point may any team's roster go above the maximum or below the minimum for their divison: Click here for Roster Min/Max Overview

No player release or transfer will be processed if the loss of that player puts the team roster below the minimum.

All Roster Changes and eligible refund requests should be emailed to with completed forms attached.

During the season, please allow up to five business days for us to process your request.

  • Add a new player (not already rostered on a team for the Spring season in SQWAD): 
    • Parents/Guardians should create their own account and then a player account in SQWAD in order to complete the Player Registration Requirements. (Varsity players age 18+ must register themselves.)
    • New players will pay $30 administrative fee when registering in SQWAD. Financial Aid is available.
    • ​Note: Players returning from the Fall 23 season who have already had their birth date validated will not need to re-upload any documents

  • Add a player who is currently rostered with another team (Transfer a Player) for the Spring season:
    • You'll need a transfer form signed by an admin from their current team, destination team, and the player's parent or guardian – click here for the form
    • There is no cost for a player to transfer to another team

  • Drop a Player who has registered in SQWAD:
  • How to add a guest player

Support Your Coach with
The Sideline Project 

Coaches are ultimately responsible for spectator behavior, and will pay the price in the form of suspensions for egregious behavior. Support your coaches (and your players) by encouraging your parents to take the Sideline Project course. It's just 20 minutes and it can only positively impact spectator and postgame interaction!

The Soccer Parenting Association has created an education platform intended to empower parents, players and coaches with information that will help create a supportive, collaborative playing environment. Especially if your family is new to soccer or sports in general, the Sideline Project gives an overview of how adults can positively impact player experience and development – without muddying the waters with constant feedback and instructions from the sidelines.

  • SFYS has paid for access to the Soccer Parenting and The Sideline Project for all parents with players in one of our leagues. Learn more and get free access to the platform through the link on the SFYS + Soccer Parenting page.

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