2nd & 3rd Grade Summer Jamboree

The Summer Jamboree is a part of the SFYS FOGGOLAZO! - an SFYS-hosted Community Soccer Day about celebrating the community and fundraising event to support SFYS Leadership & Equity Programs, including school soccer, financial aid and scholarships, the Youth Advisory Council and Coach/STAR field trainings.

How can you support us?

You can play in the Jamboree!

You can also learn more about the event, and other opportunities to participate, contribute, volunteer, donate and support:

Summer Jamboree
Participation Requirements

Goals of the Day

  • Give 2nd and 3rd grade teams an opportunity to play in a game day environment.

  • Give SFYS a chance to see the teams, to help supplement census submissions.

  • Provide opportunities for Team STARs to practice their officiating

  • Provide opportunities to mentor youth referees

There are no 'winners' or 'losers', no medals or trophies - but matche scores will be recorded to supplement team census data and also so that coaches and referees can familiarize themselves with the score reporting process in SQWAD.

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