SFYS @ Home

SFYS At Home is has been created to help your player maximize their soccer experience.

The program is designed for and presented by relevant age groups to help your player develop key fundamental skills based on their experience of practices and games.

SFYS At Home also supports your team and coach by providing them a framework for weekly practices and game expectations, based on what you are learning at home!

Click the image for your level of play

Recreational  2nd & 3rd Teams
Competitive U09 & U10 Teams

Recreational 4th & 5th Grade Teams
Competitive U11 & U12 Teams

All Teams U13+
U13-U19 11v11

How it works.

In San Francisco, a typical youth soccer team practices for 1-3 hours per week. That time is used by the coach to try to deliver everything related to the game at the weekend, which includes learning the rules or nuances of the game, whilst also trying to teach fundamentals for players to be able to actually play. For example, learning how to set up for a goal kick, or a free-kick, and then learning how to execute those kicks or how to control the ball from one of those kicks adds lots of stress to what is supposed to be a fun experience for all.

There is an assumption of skill in order for tactics and strategies to work, which usually varies across players. Without enough scheduled practice time to also train on the basics, it becomes imperative for players who want to develop to also train on their own. In many countries, this is accomplished by kicking around with friends, pick up style, in the streets, at the park, on the beach - which are all excellent for building skills and confidence, but what to do if your player hasn't anyone in the neighborhood to play with? That's where SFYS @ Home comes in. And it works even better if parents and/or siblings get involved too!

Players, split by game size (7v7, 9v9, 11v11), have access to weekly tasks in which they are challenged to practice - including with their parents or siblings - to master the fundamentals for the game they play. The home-training program is designed to provide an additional 2-3 hours per week of soccer (and fun!), while building confidence on the ball.


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