Financial Aid


Our commitment to the soccer playing youth of San Francisco extends to ensuring that participation is not limited based on financial considerations.

Amount of assistance varies based on need, at a minimum in compliance with the SF Rec & Park Scholarship Policy, per our commitment as an Approved Public Benefit Organization.

Who qualifies for Financial Aid?

  • Players in a California State Benefit Program
  • Players in a Medi-Cal Program
  • Players in the Healthy Families Program
  • Players who have been approved by SFUSD for free/reduced lunch
  • Players who live in public housing
  • Family financial constraints due to disability
  • Family financial constraints due to unemployment

Requests for Financial Assistance should be initiated at the time of registration and no later than two weeks afterwards. 

For Spring team-based fees, financial aid awards are still given to individual players. The aid amount will be applied to the total team fee paid by a team administrator, who will in turn deduct that amount from the player's family contribution.


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