REF : Local San Francisco Playing Leagues

Besides excellent pay, refereeing provides the individual with leadership experience, communication skills, and how to sufficiently manage time and people. Learn more!


Referees are contractors and eligible to referee in SFYS Leagues as well as school, club and private competitive leagues and tournaments. San Francisco Youth Soccer runs 3 levels of league play in San Francisco proper and provides more support for referees than any other organization in the area.

How SF Youth Soccer Supports Referees

  • In-season Game Day Hotline for immediate support pitchside

  • US Soccer Foundation-sponsored week long comprehensive grassroots training
  • Pre- and mid-season gatherings/pizza parties to groove you into the various systems, meet other refs, answer questions you might have about SFYS rules/procedures.
  • New referees may sign up to be at a field with a mentor for the first couple of weeks. Check with your referee assignor if you are interested in our Adult Referee Mentor Program.
  • Follow-up gatherings to provide more support or just have fun getting to know your fellow referees.

Youth & Adults 13+ : Become A Ref!
Training Dates will be posted throughout the year on the Ref Training page. In the meantime, fill out this Referee Inquiry Form and we'll notify you of referee events and trainings. 


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