SF Youth Soccer is a Non-Profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, Tax ID # 94-3322034. 

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Please note that until 2018, SFYS’s tax returns were prepared on a cash basis. During fiscal year 2015, SFYS and SF PAL agreed that SFYS would manage the spring season soccer. Because SFYS collected most spring season fees before February 28th and incurred most expenses after February 28th, the League looks unusually profitable from a tax return perspective. This is an abnormality caused by the cutoff date of its fiscal year and does not reflect the actual profitability of SFYS.


Game Day at Palega
2016 Attempted Club Takeover of SFYS
In 2016, a handful of clubs banded together, calling themselves the SF Soccer Alliance, and attempted to take control of SF Youth Soccer. The documentation that follows is in response to the clubs' grievances (largely about things outside SFYS' purview).

The following documentation is solely authored or commissioned by the SF Recreation & Parks Dept (not SFYS):

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