Skill Of The Week

Just like the GOTW (Game of the Week) we have Skill of the Week.

We recognize your players, much like many youth soccer players across the USA, do not play enough or perhaps have enough guidance/structure to play.

Kids get homework from school, so why not from soccer, which they will really enjoy.

Use one or all of the SOTW during the season to challenge your players to practice, develop, and fall in love with the soccer ball!
Most of the skills require little room to practice, making most safe to do indoors!

Week 1 – Foot Balance
Week 2 – Juggling
Week 3 – Neck Balance
Week 4 – Head Balance
Week 5 – Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Feel free to repeat week 1 to 5 again for developing better touches and more confidence with the ball. OR, continue on:
Week 6 – Around the World
Week 7 – Flick Up
Week 8 – Rainbow
Week 9 – Freestyle (Players responsible for their own skill for the week. Direct them to YouTube and find a new skill to practice!)
Week 10 – Pick your favorite, maybe do them all!?