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The SFYS Jamboree – What we learned…

This past weekend saw SFYS run the first ever jamboree! Logistically and operationally: 109 teams were interested in the Jamboree, before we secured any fields / dates / times. Upon announcement and kick off, we had 6 2nd grade teams playing. 3rd grade was cancelled with not enough teams. July 21st and 22nd is a… Read More The SFYS Jamboree – What we learned…

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What are your players doing before you can get them on the field?

We know you are anxious to get your players on the field for the coming spring season. Your players are probably ready to go too. However, what are they doing right now? Probably playing another sport, but it doesn’t mean they can’t still keep some Soccer in their days. ‘go home and practice’ means what to… Read More What are your players doing before you can get them on the field?

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Are you trying to find a method to the madness? We know many of you are! Remember, this is recreational soccer. Not the world cup and all players will play. Subbing looks like this: 2nd grade – 6′ and 13′ of each half, making the game into 6ths (including kick off for each half). 3rd… Read More Substitutions

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Yes, SFYS has a mercy rule. Winning by 6 or more goals (more than 5) against your opponent in recreational soccer (rules summary here) OR Winning by 8 or more goals (more than 7) against your opponent in Upper House (rules summary here) WILL result in losing 1 point from your standings. 1 point will… Read More MERCY!