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This practice can be implemented in two parts.
Part one should be about the patterns. Patterns will help players connect actions on the field. The set up has two different layouts, but there are a lot more out there for you to explore and try.
Depending on your game model, or preference for how your team plays. The triangle can be used for “lay-offs” and “spinning to support”.
The square can be used to work on “give and go’s”, or “third-man runs”.
Part two will be using competition to challenge the patterns:
Example: ‘can you keep the ball moving in the pattern longer than your opponent, without mistakes’

Your attendance numbers and creativity with the patterns will vary. The ones in the video are very simple, but can always be expanded. The player challenges should be introduced at the start of this practice to help players play uncomfortably fast and to make it as realistic as possible, without a real defender present to steal the ball.

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