OST Training

If you’re training in OST, there are some restrictions (DCYF Guidelines).
Scrimmages and physical competition are a no, but there are other ways to engage your players.

Watch the introductory video here.

In the menu, you will find plans that you can use to engage and challenge your players. They will incorporate the POWER 5’s from the SFYS @ Home program and will build toward game understanding, but there is no ‘contact’ between the players in the plans, per the DCYF rules.

The plans should be book-ended with your own activities. The plans require energy and enthusiasm to keep the players engaged because without ‘real competition’ the players get discouraged quickly.

Book-end ideas.
Target practice.
Juggling competitions.
Need more? Ask Lee

Below are the SFYS recommended practice components:
Ball Rolling
Keep Away

Are you looking for more?
1/ Check this link from some of NorCal Premier’s clubs.
2/ Here is a non-contact curriculum provided by USYS.

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  1. The Patterns drill worked out really well for my team (10 year-olds, Rec). I tried a couple of variations to the basic theme: with the ball round-tripping with the center player before moving to the next outside player; with the three outside players occupying the three corners of a square and moving backward one spot after passing the ball to the center player. All good drills to engage both ball control and space awareness.

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