Junior Coaches

This program is creating the next generation of coaches to positively impact youth soccer in San Francisco and we hope you’ll be a part of it with us!

Summer, 2017.
5 High schoolers are participating in the inaugural summer 4v4 Junior Coach training program. Welcome to the program Shae, Seamus, Beck, Luca, and Taye.
San Francisco 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders are invited to sign up for a time slot on Tuesday or Wednesday. The players receive training from the junior coaches, under the guidance of SFYS program director, Lee Dunne.

Each week of the clinic is a different topic to challenge the players, but to challenge the junior coaches. Each practice moves from skill challenges, to core techniques for individual coaching and individual coaching development. As the practice moves into small-sided games, the players experience more competition and more opponents as we build to 4v4’s. The coaches are then challenged in coaching players in the flow of the game and through natural stoppages.

The junior coaches have also made a service commitment of volunteer hours in the fall season assisting with recreational teams in San Francisco. Why? To apply their summer training to benefit local recreational teams, give back to the soccer community and build out our qualified coaching base.

Fall, 2017.
Some of the Junior Coaches are supporting teams in their weekly practices, leading small parts of the practices.
Junior Coaches also joined the SFYS master clinics on Saturdays, in which teams and their coaches take part in supplemental skill training.
This was the first step into the soccer season for our Junior Coaches and we hit some snags – namely the schedule of the Junior Coach and the team – high school activities tend to clash with team practice times!

Winter, 2017.
The clinics for this season have added 2 new junior coaches! Welcome Chellee and Roy!
Much like the summer training clinic, SFYS has access to some fantastic turf space and it utilizing it for player development. The program is a 3 week class in December and another 3 weeks in January. Junior Coaches commit to the classes that are on Saturday mornings from 9-12 and coach a small group of 6-10 players each hour. The players vary from 2nd – 5th grade.
Each week the coaches deliver the Skill of the Week and really hone in on the why and where. Why do it, where on the field, where on your body, where with the ball and so on. A real hands on experience for the coaches to get fully involved in coaching the players!