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      SF Youth Soccer

      Recommended websites, tools, drills, etc. to improve your game
      Sample : Player Resources

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      Lee Dunne

      Take a look online. Google – ‘Soccer Practices’
      Not Drills. Drills are performed in unison, under strict order – fire drills, military drills, emergency drills etc…

      Soccer practices. 44,100,000 replies in 0.37 seconds.
      How on earth do you determine what to use, what is relevant to your group of players, and what is a bunch of useless nonsense that probably makes your players hate Soccer?

      Fear not.
      If you think about it, its for your player and not about you or if you played and at whatever level of play.
      What does your player want? Do they want to watch Soccer? Do they want to play it digitally on Playstation?

      Read this about the FIFA video game from 2014 –

      If you can provide the resources that your player wants then you continue to empower them to develop a passion and love for the game. There will also be more resources coming from us in the coming days and weeks that will help to create a quality practice environment for your player and for the team.

      Personal note. I was encouraged to play other sports. As a kid I would play basketball with friends, but it wouldn’t last long. We would be kicking the ball in the hoop in no time! Check out the Open School Yard Project in your neighborhood to provide further playing opportunities.

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      Lee Dunne

      High School Pick Up has been announced. Dates, Times, and Location are all confirmed.
      3pm – 5pm beginning on 3-12 at Polo #3.

      In prep, we wanted to share some insight into the true benefit of Pick Up Soccer so we will begin sharing interviews and articles with professional players on their upbringing on the streets playing pick up soccer. Check out the blog feed for the links.

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      Lee Dunne

      Have a read of the previous article written with regards to free play and how your team can get further practice opportunities across the City. Get the players out there and play. Even if the whole team cannot make it – make it free play and play 2v2’s or pick up additional players at the beach or the school to get that beautiful free play in!

      As a coach, if you cannot commit to going out there, ask a parent to be a lead. If anything, this could encourage more free play so that you as a coach are not there and feeling like you should be coaching!

      Take a look and share!

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      Lee Dunne

      Whats going on right now?
      Currently we have several things going on through SFYS.
      We are approaching week 3 in the season and getting ready for another round of game play.
      We have coaching clinics in the flow, we are pushing the coming player clinics (beginning 4-23), and looking toward the new master coaching clinics on the Saturdays to come!

      Get out to our coaching clinics, if you are coach. Come and join in even if you are a parent. There is nothing wrong with you getting your child and a couple of friends together to facilitate some beneficial free play!

      On the note of free play, we are working with city elementary schools to provide some free play opportunities through lunch time and after school Soccer. If you are connected to your school, then please email if you would like to add this to your school.

      We are continuing to provide these opportunities, and if you have any ideas or recommendations then please email in!

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      Lee Dunne

      As the season is underway, perhaps something that will make you laugh and reflect upon your commitment as a soccer parent …

      Laugh right here

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