April 28, 2021

Removed standings.
Some comments RE the standings for the recreational and upper house flights have disappeared.

Lee – Yes they have! As a season of ‘let the kids play’ we have received far too many issues with scores, incorrect scores, standings, and general issues around mismatched levels of play.
We wanted to create an environment in which the teams go and play, first and foremost, but to also encourage a conversation between directors/coaches about upcoming games. We want you to connect and talk about what to expect so that you can prepare for a stronger/weaker opponent or perhaps a really well-balanced game.
Here is how you get your opponent’s contact information.

The standings will be available at the end of the season and for anyone needing any standings information, we will share it before.

How can I use the curriculum for my team? I’m not sure.

Lee – It’s a resource that we are updating week to week. There is a ‘model’ that we encourage you to teach your players. They are simple concepts for each of the 4 moments of the game. For example, when attacking we want you to encourage each player (at 7v7) to either dribble or pass to feet. The third concept is to create overloads, so help your teammate out.

Each week a practice plan is created and shared via the blog. The plans will include a video on YouTube, which will show the gameplay and then the plan encourages you to connect the objectives of the training plan to the game on the coming weekend.
Another example – dribble or pass. A small-sided game that gives two goals for dribbling across halfway is the plan. One objective for the game on the weekend might be how many times do your players dribble with the ball and create a goal-scoring opportunity, or free up a teammate? Now practice connects to the game and the message from the coach is consistent for the players.

Try it out!

Lee – They have the hardest time out of anyone. Please support them. Encourage them.

Spoiler alert! They will make mistakes and give something incorrectly against your team. They are not doing it to spite you, nor your players.
Please keep them in the game with support – SFYS puts a lot into referees, especially youth referees so please help make our training easier and not forcing referees to quit.

Wrap up.
Thank you to all who joined this first roundtable! We’re excited to provide another opportunity for our community to grow and support each other. Ultimately, our players are the ones we are doing this for, so please keep that in mind with practices, games, and how you treat referees.

See you next week. Same time. Same place.
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