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If you are a 2nd and 3rd grade team, you can stop reading now. If you are an Upper House Team or a 4th-8th grade team, keep reading because you are all going to the playoffs. Your regular season is coming to an end. Some teams will play their final game this weekend. Some will… Read More Playoffs

Team Management

Add jersey numbers to your roster

Lets begin: The manager / coach will log into their account: Click on the Teams Tab Then click on the Team Info link to the right of the Team Then Click on the Edit Player Team Info button below the roster Then they can enter Jersey numbers for the team and click save

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The SFYS Jamboree – What we learned…

This past weekend saw SFYS run the first ever jamboree! Logistically and operationally: 109 teams were interested in the Jamboree, before we secured any fields / dates / times. Upon announcement and kick off, we had 6 2nd grade teams playing. 3rd grade was cancelled with not enough teams. July 21st and 22nd is a… Read More The SFYS Jamboree – What we learned…