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With sense. Activity isn’t far away. Some clubs within San Francisco and the Bay Area are returning to play in different ways, but we wanted to share some insights we’re reading about, and have focused on with our #PlaySFYS programming at home. 1 – Player preparation.April 29 we posted a blog on the recommended focus… Read More #returntoplay

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Volunteer Power – Coach Damian Molinari

Part 6 of ‘Volunteer Power’ introduces the awesome Damian Molinari. Damian has coached for multiple seasons and the reasons, aside from the obvious “I’ll help out”, are incredibly powerful and rewarding. WhyListen as Damian shares his why for starting a team and just some of the immediate benefits for the community and relationships. FlexibilityPlayers from… Read More Volunteer Power – Coach Damian Molinari

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Volunteer Power – Coach Heather Murdoch

Heather Murdoch joined our Director of Programming, Lee Dunne, for another installment of ‘Volunteer Power’. Heather coaches her kids, and is heavily involved with her school (Peabody) and helps other teams administratively. Heather is also the newest addition to the SFYS Board of Directors! The DifferencesHeather shares her approach and ideas for coaching Coaching to… Read More Volunteer Power – Coach Heather Murdoch

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The 5W’s and You

We’re thinking ahead, so spend a moment with us now – think ahead to your next game / training session… When creating a training session, assessing or coaching a game, or communicating with a player / players, understanding the W’s helps you understand the behavior and helps you identify the desired behavior. What is happening?Where… Read More The 5W’s and You