Week 4

Week 4 plan.

Defending, leading into Transition to Attack.

  • Organization of the defensive line for the right pressing moments, and counter attacking.
  • Trapping the opponent wide or forcing them into tight areas.

Session for a back 4 + 1 central midfielder (YouTube).

  • The forward line up is the same from this formation, 3-1.

Session for a back 3 + 2 central midfielders (YouTube).

  • Note this is a true man:man formation match.


Blue team defending the goal. Pressing and setting traps to then transition forward using the wing backs to overload the opponent. You can use a halfway line as a mark for which to begin pressing or use it as a target to not let the opponent cross. Or not acknowledge the halfway at all! 

Attacking (red) team:

Move the ball quickly to avoid the press and traps of the blue team. Overload the middle with diamond shape. Attack and score.

Defending (blue) team:

Identify the moments to press the ball – higher/lower on the field and why (could be a bad touch, facing backwards, slow play etc.) and how to press together to steal the ball and counter attack effectively.

Scoring: Bonus goals for the defending team to win the ball and score within 5-8 seconds. Also add value to a goal if the ball is stolen and recycled (in transition, we don’t always need to attack directly)

Game Objectives

1 – Attacking

How many times did we beat two opponents with one pass or one dribble?

How many times did we get a chance on goal in the opponent’s half after stealing the ball?

2 – Defending

How many passes did we steal, or force out of play?

How many times did they beat us with one pass or one dribble?

3 – Player’s choice

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