Week 3

Week 3 plan.

Creating overloads from the back – providing support.

  • Movement of players OFF OF the ball to create 2v1’s to move the ball forward.
  • Defender behavior to SUPPORT their teammate when they are defending.

Session for a back 3 + 2 central midfielders (YouTube).

  • Note how the formations are almost identical. Positive or negative… your view! 

Session for a back 4 + 1 central midfielder (YouTube).


Bringing the wing backs into the game to get numbers up the field for attack. Use the midfielders for combinations or switching the play to attack spaces.

Attacking team:

Creating overloads with the 4 becomes very obvious with using the wing backs so players might need to be shown ideas for rotating the ball. However, each wing back will have a center back and the midfielder to create a triangle with.

With a back 3, you see the match up positionally, so play may need switching more dribbling to create spaces for players to play into. 

Scoring: You could give two goals for each time the #2 or #3 score to reinforce the desired behavior. Bonus goals could also be rewarded for any time a player dribbles at a defender to create a 2v1.

Defending team:

Staying close together (compact) to help us keep the ball away from the goals. Staying connected and not chasing the ball all over the field. Steal passes and attack the counter goals quickly. 

Scoring: Bonus goals for the defending team to win the ball and score within 5-8 seconds. This will help reinforce the behavior of supporting their teammate.

Game Objectives

1 – Attacking

How many 2v1’s did we create with a dribble?

How many times did a player move to help another teammate attack?

2 – Defending

How many times did we double team and win the ball?

How many times did we get to their goal after winning the ball?

3 – Player’s choice

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