Week 2

Week 2 plan.

Focus on attacking inside the opponents half.

Again, there are two sessions available based on your formation. Just like before, adapt the sessions based on your numbers and control the time limits accordingly – less time for smaller numbers.

If you adapt either of these sessions, please let me know – I would love to know your take on it.

Option 1

Session for a front 3 in a 5v5 (YouTube).

Blue team plays a 1-3-2-3 or similar:

  • Dribbling at defenders to create space elsewhere.
  • Creating overloads with movement to create scoring opportunities.
  • Passes into space for #7/#11 to pin defenders deeper and move the attack forward.

Option 2

Session for a front 1 with wingbacks in a 6v6 (YouTube).

Blue team plays a 1-4-3-1 or similar:

  • Using #2 and #3 to support the central diamond of midfield 3 and striker.
  • Using width when necessary, but controlling the game centrally.
  • Dribbling at defenders to create space elsewhere.

Red team defending in a 1-3-2-3 typically. Again, adapt as you need.

  • Push hard on the Blue to force mistakes. 
  • Make the game as difficult as possible.
  • Score quickly in the counter goals to punish them for losing the ball.
  • Bonus goals for scoring within 6 seconds.

Overall, 4-6 minute repetitions. 

  • Use the end of each rep to talk with small groups, or ask questions for coaching.

Identify your game objectives to reinforce the behaviors with your players, and their families.

Remember, your choice and they are – objective – we can count or analyze.

1 – Attacking

Option 1 – Continued possession after #6/#8 connect with #7/#9/#11?

Option 2 – #2/#3 involved in goal scoring/opportunities?

2 – Defending

How many goals scored/chances created when counter-attacking?

How many passes stolen/prevented in defensive third/half?

3 – Player’s choice

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