Week 1


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Week 1.
A 5v5 small-sided game.
The setup above is for a team that plays with four in their defensive line.
If you play with three, try this version.
A reminder for players to play with the game model objectives always providing the purpose.

5 Elements:
Are players playing in the right positions? Does the practice flow? Is there a purpose for both Blue and Red?
Does it look like the game, or does it repeat a moment from the game?
Does the game provide repetition for the objective of the practice, naturally and not forced?
Do the players fail and succeed? Constant success means it’s too easy. Failure means it’s too difficult.
How are you coaching the players in the practice? Not just stop and freeze, in the flow, small groups and individuals.
Read more about the elements here.

– Goals/Goalkeepers.
Whilst always great to have a goal and goalkeeper, it may not be possible. So, use a target goal and use the additional player as a feeder to get the ball back in play quickly. This is also a positive action for the red team because they can score quickly, placing more emphasis on the blue to keep the ball.

– Numbers.
The game is set up as a 5v5 working on the Blue team shape of a 1-4-3-1 for 9v9. You could play the same setup, or you may tweak it for your team. The plan also accounts for 14 players. The additional players are feeders, and not neutrals or extras. They get the ball back in play quickly and play for a designated amount of time before rotating players in/out and positionally. A time limit for this would typically be 4-6 minutes.

Game Objectives
1. Using width in attack.
How many times do specific players dribble over the halfway line in the attack?
– Not just from straight dribbling, but can be from a pass, a switch, or any specific way you would like your team to attack.

2. Preventing opponent from dribbling.
How many times do your players stop an opponent from dribbling?
– You could also include the number of times an opponent is forced into a mistake.

3. Players’ choice!

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