9v9 Small-Sided Games

The practice plans, below, will be built from the SFYS @ Home program. The ‘power 5’s’ within the program will help your players learn the ‘how’ at home and help them come to practice ‘ready’ to play games.

The plans below are all games-based. Meaning, it will be competitive and highlight the need for players to begin to have foundation skills for success.
Each week of small-sided games will provide some objectives for each game to help keep team talks short and focused, and help you create objective goals.

We recommend the same practice plans each season. Why? Familiarity. Understanding. Repetition. Games. Support. Plus, if you follow the model, you can build a base and then expand on that base in your second year of 9v9. It also gives you 4 seasons/two years to develop competent 9v9 soccer players.

Familiarity – Your players will be more comfortable knowing what to expect at practice. No laps, no standing around waiting.
Understanding – The plans are built on the ‘game’ so your players will be playing these games in the positions that they would on the weekend. It also helps you to understand more about the game and how you can help your players enjoy their experience more.
Repetition – Just like the Power 5’s give repetition to develop key skills, these games will provide essential repetitions in game-play. The game-play will not only cover game rules, like throw-ins, but it will give your players lots of exposure to playing the game with pressure and with opponents.
Games – The players are coming to play, and your coaching journey can be much more enjoyable with a games-based approach. You learn more about the players as they play, and they learn more about themselves and the game with continued exposure.
Support – This blog is your support. Please use each week’s page as an open environment for you to ask questions or post comments/tips. We’re here to support you and want you and your players to have the BEST soccer experience.

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