9v9 Nuances

9v9 Soccer is, of course, different to 7v7 soccer. However, the changes can have serious implications because of the immediate progression within the game size.

At 7v7, players were ‘allowed’ to play with a build-out line. They were not put under pressure for the several seconds it took for the opponent to charge them down.
It is also likely that the referee was kinder to the players. Allowing set pieces to be retaken and giving instructions. Often the whistle was blown and every player would stop and look confused – referees would help.

Move into 9v9, and it seems there is no more of that. Everything is strict from foul throws to a moving ball on set pieces. Importantly, the build-out line has gone. The line that encouraged youth players to possess the ball has gone, so you know what most youth teams will do now – send it long, get it out.

To combat this, the game model has progressed for 9v9 and we have added the demand on players to create overloads. The overloads (typically one more of our players in an area with the opponents) will help to provide the support needed to keep calm and keep possession.

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