Week 6

Week 6 plan.

Building the attack.

Revisit Week 1 and the build out – addressing habits/issues from previous weeks. If you adjusted the session previously to smaller numbers, attempt to build up to 5v5:

Building Out (YouTube).


Purposeful possession from the back. The activity can start with a goal kick, but should also include the recycling of possession from open play (gk makes a save, for example). 4 minute reps will provide plenty of opportunity to build out.


Coaches preference on how the team builds up and attacks the end zone (width, centrally, dribbling, passing). Work on creating overloads as much as possible, and especially focusing on wide defenders (#2 and #3) being the goal scorers. We need them to get forward for this formation to work.

Defending against the build up.

Recent weeks have been focused on how you want the team to defend, so use that in defending from the front to make the build out difficult. In particular, focus on forcing the play into the wide areas and setting traps to win it – challenge the building team to be clever in how they build using width.


Score after stealing the ball from the team building and get two goals. Score from a build out and get two goals. All other goals count for one.

Game Objectives

1 – Attacking

How many times did we overload the opponent when we had the ball? (making 2v1’s or 3v2’s)

2 – Defending

How many times did we make the opponent predictable and win the ball?

How many times did our supporting players steal the ball or force a mistake?

How many times did we steal the ball from an isolated opponent out wide?

3 – Player’s choice

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