Week 5

Week 5 plan.

Defending, leading into Transition to Attack

  • Stop the player on the ball dribbling, and force them into a mistake
  • Can supporting players steal the ball?
  • Identify moments you want to press.

Main session (YouTube). You can adjust the numbers, but play without goalkeepers. It is currently 4v4, so any additions would be central midfielders (#6/#8) or use as feeders. Play for 3 minute intervals.


Playing the game and focusing on organized defending, or getting organized as quickly as possible.


Coaches preference on how the 4 attack (width, centrally, dribbling, passing). Avoid playing to isolated players.

Defending both ways:

Identify ‘pressing moments’ with your team. Working on setting traps by leaving players ‘open’ outside. Encourage the opponent to play into those areas so your team can double team and win the ball/force a mistake and counter attack.

Scoring: Score in the opponents goal – punish them from distance too! 

Goals should be worth two if you: 

Steal a pass from the opponent / Force the opponent into a mistake.

Game Objectives

1 – Attacking

How many times did we overload the opponent when we had the ball? (making 2v1’s or 3v2’s)

2 – Defending

How many times did we make the opponent predictable and win the ball?

How many times did our supporting players steal the ball or force a mistake?

How many times did we steal the ball from an isolated opponent out wide?

3 – Player’s choice

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