Week 4

Week 4 plan.

Defending to Attacking Transition

  • Stop the player on the ball dribbling, and force them into a mistake
  • Can supporting players steal the ball?
  • Identify moments you want to press.

Main session (YouTube). You can adjust the numbers if you have less in attendance. 4v4 with no goalkeepers will also work – no goalkeepers adds pressure! 


A 4v4 game, including goalkeepers if possible. The game is set up to include the build-out line so both teams get experience defending and pressing using the build-out line, as well as open field (attacking from right to left).

Attacking from the build-out:

Team will play a 3 (#2, #3, #4)  and a 1 (central midfielder) to go forward.

Attacking from the open field:

Team will play a 1 (#8) 2 (#2 and #3) and 1 (#9) to attack the goal.

Scoring: Score in the opponents goal!

Defending both ways:

Identify ‘pressing moments’ with your team. When should everyone go and chase the ball? For example, a bad touch or a bad pass that a player has to chase. 

The video shows the red #2 stealing the ball after leaving some space for the pass. Work with your players on how you want to do that.

Then, how to defend when you are not pressing, and what to do when you do press. 

Scoring: Goals could be worth two if you: 

Steal a pass from the opponent / Force the opponent into a mistake.

Game Objectives

1 – Attacking

How many times did we break the press of the opponent (pass into open space and made the opponent chase us). Could include across halfway or over the build-out line.

2 – Defending

How many passes did we steal?

How many times did our supporting players steal the ball or force a mistake?

3 – Player’s choice

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