Week 2

Week 2 plan.

Focus on ‘attacking in the opponents half’

  • Dribbling and/or passing into feet from our defensive half/third.
  • Encouraging defenders to ‘join’ the attack further up the field.

Feel free to use a similar game set up to this one (Same as last week in a simplified SSG).

  • Bonus goals for players scoring after starting the attack in the defensive half

Main session (YouTube).


Players playing in the position they would in the game – notable for encouraging the wide ‘defenders’ to be a part of the attack.

Blue team is attacking and working on attacking objectives inside the opponents half.

  • Can Blue connect and combine with the #9
  • Create overloads in the attack to break the opponent down.
  • Can they get shots on goal from any supporting player?
  • Can they keep the ball and prevent red from counter attacking,.

Red team is defending and working on defending objectives, then playing forward quickly to address transition.

  • Stop the blue doing all of the above! 

2-4 minute repetitions. Coaching in the flow as much as possible.

  • Swap players in/out and to both sides of the ball to help positional development.

Use a goal if you can for the blue to attack, if not, use pop up goals and no goalkeeper. Red team is scoring in narrow target goals to replicate getting the ball into the target #9. If they have a lot of success, you could use the #9 as a real target to combine with before scoring in the target goals.

Game Objectives

1 – Attacking

Number of passes into the #9?

Number of times the #9 connects with the #2 and #3?

Number of shots created after #2/#3 touch the ball?

2 – Defending

How many times did we steal the ball from their striker?

How many passes did we steal in our half of the field?

3 – Player’s choice

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