7v7 Game Model

A game model is an identified way that ‘we’ want our players to ‘try’ and play the game. It becomes the foundation to structure training and gives players a constant reference point within the chaos of a game.

You can listen to an awesome podcast talking about a game model, here.

Here is a model for the 7v7 game.

In AttackIn DefenseTransition to Attack (we just won the ball)Transition to Defense (we just lost the ball)
Dribble/keep the ball.Stop the player dribbling.Play forwardImmediate pressure on the ball
Pass to feet.Steal passes.If not, keep the ballRecover to defend the goal
Create OverloadsCover your teammatesPlay into spacesCompactness

There are three options all the time. We want players to become familiar with each one to help simplify the decisions they make in the game. It also gives the game purpose – for example, when attacking, a player should keep the ball, or pass the ball. Each will be with a purpose, and not aimlessly ‘booting’ it down the field. Now of course there will be times it happens, but a model is a foundation from which to build and constantly reference.

To use the model, share it with your players. Help them recognize the four moments of the game and what is expected of them in each moment.

Following the introduction of this model, we will have weekly Small-Sided Games to help you train your players within the model outlined here.

In each small-sided game, your players will be challenged on the four moments of the game and their objectives, as laid out above. So, for any time a player gets the ball, they should be looking to dribble or to pass into feet, and always looking to create an overload (move and help a teammate by making a 2v1 or a 3v2).

We recommend that you use this model to help frame your season for success.

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