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The Soccer Season is Coming

It’s nearly here.

Practice is about to start if it hasn’t already, and the players are as raw as they’ve ever been. They might not have kicked a ball since the last time you told them to.

Or, you have a group of eager players that just can’t wait for organized competition to show off how hard they have been working.

Either way, the season is around the corner.

Here are some questions to help you prepare:

– What are YOUR goals for the season, as a coach and a role model for your players?
– What are the goals for EACH of your players?
How do you plan to find out what they are, if you don’t know already?
– What will training look like?
– How will you encourage the players to kick the ball for more than just their time at practice?
– What formation will you play?
– How will you balance playing time?
– How will you handle the misbehaved kids?
– How will you deal with kids that are late or miss practice?
– How do you plan to communicate with the parents?
– How will your team play?
– Do you have a game model?
– How will training look like the game?

That might be just enough to get you thinking!
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