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#SFYSAbroad: #SFYSAbroad Women’s World Cup 2019: Remembering the food

Wrapping up my trip down memory lane of the #SFYSAbroad Women’s World Cup 2019 trip. Today I will focus on the food … to paraphrase one mom on the trip with us … What I thought was amazing was the attitude of every single girl: They tried every food (even intestines!), didn’t complain for a second about long bus rides or early mornings, were always on time and respectful, and very inclusive of a wide range of personalities, ages, and soccer experience.

Last night SFYS hosted an information session for the #SFYSAbroad Women’s World Cup 2023 trip. Please look for a separate blog post recapping the presentation.

Here are some of my memories from all our shared meals and amazing food.

Au revoir!

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