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If you are a 2nd and 3rd grade team, you can stop reading now.

If you are an Upper House Team or a 4th-8th grade team, keep reading because you are all going to the playoffs.

Your regular season is coming to an end. Some teams will play their final game this weekend. Some will have another game on 10-28 / 10-28 to finish the regular season.
Before the regular season ends, you must remember that your team roster freezes this Saturday, 10-20. This means there is no guest play or transfer during the playoffs.

Upon the completion of all scheduled game, the playoffs will populate with the teams, from their seeding. You do not need to do anything.
To clarify – your seeding for playoffs is the position your team finishes the season in their bracket.
Ex. You could have been seeded A1, but finish in 6th place. Your seeding for the first playoff game will be A6.

Final Standings
In the event of a tie for placement in the bracket, the brackets are determined by several tie breakers:
– Winner in head to head competition.
– Head to head goal differential
Then, if you didn’t play each other:
Goal differential
Fewest goals against
Most goals for

What if you played one game less?
Well, the season is constrained to one game per week and when teams (yours or your opponent) request a date off / tournament bye it gives us schedules that affects game counts. Within the SFYS playoffs, all teams make it to the playoffs (unless they forfeit 2 games) so whilst you may be a seed or two lower / higher due to uneven game counts, you are guaranteed a quarter final game and a consolation game. If you win, you keep going!
Without the ability to extend the season for regular games and in allowing bye requests’ we find some brackets in this situation.

Promotion and Relegation
SFYS will promote / relegate teams within their age brackets based on their season performance. Those teams involved in this will receive communication in the coming week.

If you are in a bracket with an odd number of teams and you finish in 1st place, you will most likely have a bye to the semi-finals. This is why your game vs BYE is scheduled on a TBD field at 3am! It is scheduled as we do still need you to report the score as a 3-0 victory. This is so you progress into the semi-finals.

As mentioned in all other communication, games cannot be rescheduled for playoffs. You can begin to plan your route to the final using your regular season schedule link. Instead of clicking on your team, follow the directions in the image and through these links: Rec | UH:

We are confident that you will enjoy the playoffs, but encourage you to communicate everything with us. If you see an error in the schedule or have a question PLEASE LET US KNOW. The schedule was created manually over several hours so bear with us.

Everyone plays, but playoffs need a winner!!
How do we determine a winner in a playoff game that ends in a tie?

To prepare for this scenario, half times will be cut in half. At the end of the game, the game will go directly to penalty kicks. Each team will need to have 3 kick takers ready identified for a 3 round penalty shootout. The home team (higher seed) will go first. If it is still tied after 3, the kicks move to sudden death. In sudden death, both teams will take a PK until one misses.

Good luck to all teams – Don’t forget, winners receive trophies!

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