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Game Day is Here!

The league wide bye week is over and we’re back to the action!
It will be an exciting weekend of play:
2nd and 3rd grade teams are in their new brackets with 84 games scheduled for this weekend alone! 84 is not including the Upper House and 4th – 8th grade teams that are back in action for the race to the playoffs.

The bye weekend was a good chance for the SFYS office to finalize the schedules for 2nd and 3rd, to finalize the schedules for playoffs, and to take stock of the openings weeks of the season. Which, brings us to the purpose of this blog! Consider this a condensed form of the weekly email. There are some key bullets, but we’ve also added some explanations that we do not include in the weekly email.

X – You are responsible for posting the game score. There is one bracket in 2nd grade boys that did not get re-bracketed because one score for the entire bracket was updated after 3 weeks of play. We cannot help place the teams in another appropriate bracket if they do not help us. If you are going into playoffs, your scores determine your seeding, which determines your route to the final.
If both teams input a different score, you will CS which means it has been contested. We will work with both teams (99% of the time it is a mistaken entry) and the referee to get the right score of the game updated – Post game, just confirm the score with the other coach and the referee.

X – There must only be two coaches in the technical area / coaches sideline. And no more. You don’t need any more and we do not allow it. Both of those coaches must also have digital passes.

X – Check in with the referee. and make sure your STAR does so too. They can check your photo roster / digital passes and get the STAR name for their report (meaning no $ fine for you). Then everyone knows what is expected before kick off and the game can go!

X – Know the Rules. Review General SFYS Leagues Rules & Guidelines,
Print a Key League Rules Reference Sheet for your referee: Key Rec Rules  |  Key Upper House Rules

X – Take pictures! Post to social media with #PlaySFYS because we want to see your volunteer work paying off as action on the field!

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