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Field Lining. It ain’t no joke!

Email to the SFYS Volunteer Field liners on 10-5, sent by David Reardon.

Good Afternoon Field Liners,

First off I wanted to thank you all for the work you have put in the past 4 weeks of season.
2nd Grade soccer depends on you all for field visibility, and without you tracing the lines, there would be no field!
Just wanted to send a gentle reminder that although we have the weekend off of games; we still need you to line the fields!

If you need any paint or help trouble shooting your striper; let me know. A trick I have found is that there are actually 2 different levels where you can connect the striper to the base/wheels:

 This level (pictured below) pits the striping line too low to the ground, often leading to lines very thin. Given that we are lining uneven playing surfaces, the bumps paired with thinner lines leads to crooked fields.

This level is the ideal height (pictured below) for the paint to disperse wider, giving the liner more flexibility creating a straight line. Some of you I have given a ‘widget’ to raise the shaft level in place using the 1st level I mentioned. With this picture below, You do not need the widget.

Lastly, I decided to go out and line McCoppin myself, and I added a “Build Out Line”.

I have referee’d 2nd grade as well as spectated and reviewed ref/coach comments. I think it would serve this division best to add a dotted orange line denoting the Build Out Line. Not every coach sets up cones and I think it would be a better visual for parents, players, coaches, and referees, if there was an actual line.
This involves getting some orange paint from me. It does not take more than 1 orange can a week to make the build out line. I would be happy to coordinate getting the orange paint to you; especially if you had recently came by to get paint!
I am here to help so please let me know and thank you for you continuing volunteer efforts!

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