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Fall Player Development Clinics

Another season of player training has finished. Over 100 players joined the SFYS program this season – our highest attended session so far! 

There were 2 sessions, with 4 meetings on offer, over two months.
All of the clinics were held at the beautiful Paul Goode field in the Presidio, with huge thanks to University High School!

Below we will provide a wrap up with each weeks homework task and a link to the action shots from the event. A huge thank you to all of the players that attended and to the parents for getting the players out to us each weekend. All together we are creating a generation of soccer players that love the game and are learning through fun, challenging environments – so thank you!

September (fall player development) FPD series.
It was the start of a brand new season! Players coming off of a, most likely crazy, summer and were definitely ready for Soccer! We get them on the field for one hour for four Sundays and really get them excited for the best game in the world! We want them to love having the ball at their feet and to have fun using the ball – not just ‘booting the ball’ but actually manipulating it, moving it, and beating players to score goals.

​Week 1 – Hello!
We gave the players a skill to work on during the week and to then come and practice with us on Sunday. That skill is right here.
The focus was  on technique. Controlling and moving the ball in ways that leads to goals! 

Week 2 – You’re back!
Yet another skill to practice and a week to do so! Here is that skill video. The practice expanded on week 1 with more focus on the individual and their technique with the ball.  

Week 3 – Here we go!
After another week of skill practice, we begin to tie the skills together in small-sided games that challenge your players technical advances, as well as their decision making with their new skills! Another new skill is right here. 

Week 4 – Now go and score!
Our fourth skill was an excellent one, and the video is right here! As series 1 finished, we pushed your player to use their skills, to have fun using their skills and to be ruthless with them – to perform them with success and score goals! 

October FPD Series
This series began after 4 weekends of seasonal play. All players should have had some experience of games and should know what to expect in the league. Probably also having faced some good players!

That said, we also recognize that Soccer is also a team game, as well as being about an individuals performances. So, this series was all about introducing the game in the larger format. Playing in pairs, threes, or even fours and experiencing the game in a managed environment where technique can still be coached.

Week 1 to 4
Player were given weekly homework tasks that applied to each week of practice. It wasn’t an individual skill to practice, but an observation or a question in relation to the wider game of Soccer.

Then that homework task flowed into the week of practice with small-sided games. The practices varied each week with varying types of small-sided games from working in pairs to working as a team. Players would begin to learn ‘tactics’ that they can take away to finish strong this season!

Those weekly homework videos were built around a theme of Where, When, Why? We tried to encourage the players to ask those questions, and answer those questions at the clinics when finding themselves in the same situations as the players in the videos.

Those videos were as follows:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

You can take the videos from the clinics and apply them to your weekly team practices / challenges. You can also share them with your player and their friends to begin to challenge themselves and work together. If you have any questions, Lee welcomes them at (

You can see the clinic highlights on our Facebook!

More clinics are coming in the new year and we will see you then!

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