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Jamboree Play Date Announcement!

Our inaugural SFYS Pre-Season Jamboree Play Date is coming!

Here we will be providing as much information as possible, as the play date is still in development.

Goals of the Day:

  • Give incoming 2nd and 3rd grade teams an opportunity to play in a game day environment.
  • Give SFYS a chance to see the teams, to help supplement census submissions.
  • Provide opportunities for Team STARs to practice their officiating
  • Provide opportunities to mentor youth referees

Game day rules:

There there are no ‘winners’ or ‘losers’, but matches will be recorded to supplement team census data and also so that coaches and referees familiarize themselves with the reporting process.


3rd Grade teams – Saturday, July 21st

2nd Grade teams – Sunday, July 22nd


Where & Time: Game times and location are TBD whilst we await final confirmation.

What you’ll need:

  • Ideally, at least 7 of your players. Players must have shin pads and athletic shoes
    • You can play with a minimum of 5, as outlined in the leagues rules
  • Same color shirts, with unique numbers on the back (Uniforms are not required, so don’t worry if they’re not in yet. Pinnies or t-shirts with masking tape numbers are just fine.)
  • Game balls


  • SFYS will schedule your team two games over the space of 1-2 hours.
  • SFYS will communicate your field number and game times one week before the Jamboree.
  • Your team will not have any SFRPD-permitted practice opportunity before the Jamboree.
  • Teams will check in with the referee 15 minutes before the game.
    • Check in will be done with a printed game day photo roster or digital player cards.
  • Your team will provide a STAR referee for both games, who will also check in with the referee. S/he may be a different STAR for each game.
  • Games will start and end on a field marshalls horn.
    • Games will all start and end on a central horn. Games not ready to start on time will not make up the missed time.
  • Your team manager / coach will is expected to submit the score and report after each game.

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