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What are your players doing before you can get them on the field?

We know you are anxious to get your players on the field for the coming spring season. Your players are probably ready to go too. However, what are they doing right now? Probably playing another sport, but it doesn’t mean they can’t still keep some Soccer in their days.
‘go home and practice’ means what to your player? Not really sure what to practice, or what they need? Parents are probably unsure too and tend to kick the ball back forth between each other, leading to later problems of the player continuously kicking the ball away.

With that being said, try sharing this video with your players.

It is a video with several skills featured. The viewer is challenged to keep the time it takes to perform each skill 20 times, with varying degrees of difficulty. So, the viewer will have a constant reference for improvement. They are also encouraged to share with their friends and challenge them by time.

Please email if you have anything else that you challenge your players with. We would love to share your ideas. If you have a team challenge with these skills, we would love to see it in action too!

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