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Yes, SFYS has a mercy rule.
Winning by 6 or more goals (more than 5) against your opponent in recreational soccer (rules summary here)
Winning by 8 or more goals (more than 7) against your opponent in Upper House (rules summary here)
WILL result in losing 1 point from your standings. 1 point will be deducted for each game this happens.

Its tough.
You practice to get better, get to the game and it goes so well you just cannot stop scoring!
You sub in all of your players, change their positions, and they’re still scoring!
This tends to happen in 2nd and 3rd grade (sometimes in U9 prep too) in the first half of the season, and is why we have a re-bracket. Brand new teams with no previous league history means teams could be bracketed lower or higher than where they should be.

Remembering that this is recreational soccer, which should be all about the experience and lighting the passion for the future in our players, we encourage you to follow these steps to help implement the mercy rule and keep all players excited to play.

First of all, in recreational play we have a rule that you should remove 1 player when you are up by 4 goals.
We encourage you to do to the same in Prep.

Beyond that we have several suggestions to help manage the game:

⚽️ Take off another player.

⚽️ Play long balls to the other team to let them have it. If you win the ball, make sure your team plays it back to the keeper before they attack.

⚽️ Give your team an amount of passes to complete before they can go to goal.

⚽️ Everyone one your team must touch the ball.

⚽️ Only use your weaker foot.

⚽️ Can only take 2 touches.

⚽️ Lots of positional rotations.

⚽️ Let the other team score, with grace, of course.

⚽️ With grace… take your goal keeper out!

⚽️ Don’t yell ‘NO MORE GOALS!’ Sub players in with the message for the team!

It is tough, but there are things you can do within the game to help.
Do you have suggestions that have worked for your team? We would love to know and be able to share.
Let us know via email –
Thank you for reading and for focusing on the players, not the result!

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