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Summer 4v4 Clinic. Week 3

As we approach the mid-point of our inaugural summer program, we wanted to share some of the highlights:

Players are having a fantastic time with the ball at their feet. In just a few weeks, ‘panic kicking’ has been replaced with a first touch and an attempt to beat the player(s) in front. Each week has had a skill challenge homework, from working to perfect skill moves like the ‘Matthews’ to working on balancing the ball on the head/foot.
Players are coming to play, coming to score goals, and to be challenged.

The Junior Coach program is challenging our next generation of coaches. They are coaching the players individually on refining schools, or providing guidance on what players could do differently, or just to give that awesome high-5 that all players need.
The coaches are beginning to lead practices with control of smaller groups, and then ‘coaching’ a team each in the games we play at the end of the practices.

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