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What is going on in this game?

The sidelines are awash with emotion. Cheering, applause, encouragement, COACHING, willingness for the ball to go in the goal from your player, questioning of the coach or the officials, and generally a lot of commotion that adds the atmosphere of being on the sideline of your players youth soccer game.

We are still a generation or two away from a sideline of people that truly understand or have played the game. We are also a long way away from a generation of people that understand what todays Soccer looks like (see previous articles and clinic wrap ups on playing out of the back and encouraging players to make mistakes etc.).
So, why capitalize COACHING?
Because it happens, most likely without you even realizing – ‘boot it’, ‘get it’, and ‘get it out’ are all common phrases said by the sideline in their attempt to help the player with the ball to score or stop a goal being scored against them. However, the coaching given to the players is not what they need.

Soccer Parenting have a wonderfully simple guide to analyzing the game you are seeing, what you should be looking for, and this is aimed at supporting the coach of your team too. Question – Do they share with you practice themes or season themes? If not, ask them. Ask them so you can begin to look for what they are trying to achieve. Not because you are nosey, or controlling, but because you genuinely care about your child and their enjoyment. If you understand then you can help them understand!

The attached article also helps you to understand what to expect of your player, technically, depending on their age. Take a read and appreciate the many articles published by Soccer Parenting to help us all understand what is going on this game!